Who is the Anatron for?

It is of potential interest to all of these:

  • performing musicians
  • recording musicians
  • music studios (both professional and ‘home’)
  • audio engineers
  • dance music producers and creative DJs

What problem does it solve for them?

It provides an enormous palette of sonic effects – ranging from subtle to extreme. It combines the authentic complexity of analog signal processing with the convenience and repeatability of digital control.

What potential does it allow them to realize?

It provides valve (tube) overdrive and classic synthesiser type modulations to the sound of any instrument.

Any of the trillions of possible settings of the control parameters can be stored and then recalled instantly and accurately.

The unit can be controlled from a midi keyboard or control console, from computer audio workstation software, or from apps running on a smartphone or iPad.

What is the price?

To be finalised, but probably around $950 US.

Why is this price a good value?
There is nothing currently on the market which provides this capability at any price. The production version will be in the form of a double-width 2 channel module that fits into racks like this: http://www.radialeng.com/workhorse.php

Many single-channel modules on the market cost this much or more.